The Black Keys- Turn Blue (2014) review




Back with their eighth full-length release, The Black Keys have managed to place their new album, Turn Blue, at the top of their pile. This consistent and psychedelic, eleven-track album seems set to secure this Ohioan duo future success.

The 2011, El Camino, brought with it Grammys and sold out arena tours, so it would seem that Turn Blue has some ground to make. Progressive and story telling, the albums first single Fever was released March 24th. Far from being the gem of the bunch, in retrospect, this track was merely a sign of good things to come. More mature and with a less mainstream sound than El CaminoTurn Blue exhibits an almost haunting, rock and soul sound, with an evident heart-felt, melancholic undertone.

Turn Blue feels contextually correct in light of vocalist and guitarist, Dan Auerbach’s recent, troublesome and public divorce. Having written this into the album, tracks such as The Weight of Love, standing at just under seven minutes long, are rooted with truthful emotion, and may explain why the album is one to easily connect with.

Released May 12th, personal go-to tracks are: the epic album opener, The weight of LoveIn Time with its backing singer filled, soulful chorus and funky baseline, and, 10 Lovers, offering up a heavily baseline and tuneful 80’s synthy sound. The last and eleventh track Gotta Get Away doesn’t quite make the cut, although maybe it’s southern, cheesy pop-rock sound implies that some positive catharsis has taken place throughout the albums love tale.

Set to play Latitude Festival as the Sunday headliners, and playing Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage this year suggests that The Black Keys are making a beeline for even better things to come. Yet for now, I think it’s fair to say that Turn Blue has been Auerbach and Carney’s best and most enjoyable album thus far.

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