First Aid Kit, Stay Gold (2014) review


imagesSwedish sister duo, First Aid Kit are rocketing to the top with their new and fourth record, Stay Gold. Joanna (blonde) and Klara (brunette) Söderberg appear to be going from strength to strength; as their latest release is scoring high across the review board, the girls are making waves on their six-month international tour.

2008 marked the official birth of First Aid Kit with the release of their EP Drunken Trees. Slow moving and often melancholy, the seven-track recording sees this ethereal pair set the bar within their chosen genre. Their first full-length album came in 2010 with The Big Black & The Blue, and in 2012 they released The Lion’s Roar.

The Lion’s Roar saw much success for the band, bagging them three Grammys at the 2013 awards with ‘album of the year’, ‘pop of the year’ and ‘best album composers of the year’. Agreeably, ‘Emmylou’is often dubbed the albums most favoured track.

During the summer of 2008 Joanna and Klara uploaded a video onto Youtube of themselves covering Fleet Foxes, ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’. Despite already being relatively well known across Sweden, the pair gained international recognition and have hence forth been identified as Youtube sensations.

With Laura Marling-esque, bittersweet lyrics, a Dolly Parton southern sound and the indie-pop aesthetic of fellow Swede, Lykee Li, this pair are the ultimate combination. Stay Gold, along with the new addition of a 13-piece orchestra, seems to seal tightly the southern American folk sound that they have always produced, yet with some added maturity and a more rounded, consistent sound.

First Aid Kit seem to have captured and polished both their sound and their image, which is apt in light of their recent move from Witchita to Colombia Records. Stay Gold offers some faster paced songs, which on previous albums is needed. Head straight to ‘My Silver Lining’ and ‘A Long Time Ago’.

Stay Gold is effortlessly great, and First Aid Kit more stylish than ever. Check out THAT Youtube video below to see just how far they’ve come.

Fleet Foxes cover, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song


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