Kings X, London

Bio: I currently work for the digital marketing team at Hodder Education, part of Hachette UK. I love reading, film and 'art', which is pretty much what Whitewash is about. My blog brings together a combination of the films I watch, the photographs I take, the music I review, the places I visit, and many other tasty visual treats : ) Most of the photographs are my own, but on occasion, they're from elsewhere. Even though I will make sure to attribute pics where necessary, if anyone wants their work removed, let me know and I can remove said pictures immediately. One more thing...some of my film articles appear on the CUB Magazine website at http://www.cubmagazine.co.uk and my music reviews can be found on Decibelle Press at http://www.decibelleuk.com. Check um' out... Adiós x

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